Our "To Do" list

Want to know where we are in our renovations? Check the list below to find out what we've done, what we're in the middle of doing and what is in our future plans!


Main Floor Living Space
  •  Install banquette seating and side storage in dining room (Progress)
  •  New furniture
  •  New window treatments
  •  Install new kitchen countertop 
  •  Adding self-closing devices to kitchen cabinets
  •  Install door bell
  •  Install wainscotting at front entry
  √ Adding a mail station in the kitchen (done!)
  √ Wall colour of entire main floor (done!)
  √ Replace main floor flooring to be bamboo (done!)

Powder Room (main floor)
  •  Make roman shades with lining (Progress)
  •  Add backsplash
  •  Replace sink and fixture
  √ Paint walls (done!)
  √ Update light fixture (done!)
  √ New decor (mirror, shelving, linens, etc.) (done!)
  √ Replace Flooring (done!)

 Basement (Rec Room)
  •  Create a home office area (Progress)
  •  Update decor/furniture
  •  Create focal point of room with fireplace, TV and art
  •  Update lighting with new recessed fixtures
  √ New paint (done!)
  √ Replace carpet throughout (done!)

Basement (Laundry Room)
  •  Finish laundry room (drywall, storage, etc.)
  •  Remove fluorescent fixtures and update lighting

Basement bathroom
  •  Paint vanity and update countertop & fixtures (Progress)  
  •  Add tile around shower
  •  Add new fixtures in shower
  •  Add wainscoting around perimeter of room
  •  New paint
  •  Replace tile flooring & install in-floor heating

2nd Floor Bedroom #1 (Guest Room)
  •  Paint night stand
  •  Paint art work frames white  
  •  Update light fixture  
  •  Add dressing mirror & chair
  •  Re-finish dresser
  √ Paint room  (done!)
  √ New blinds for room (done!)
  √ New bedding (done!)

2nd Floor Bedroom #2 (Craft Room)
  •  Update light fixture
  •  Paint room
  •  Make & install new roman blinds
  √ Build closet storage/shelving and relocate art/scrapbooking supplies to closet (done!)

 2nd Floor Bathroom
  •  Install longer vanity with 2 sinks
  •  Update decor
  •  Update light fixtures

Master Bedroom
  •  New bedding & accessories (Progress)
  •  Update decor (Progress)
  •  Paint Room
  •  Updating master closet with new, functional organization system
  •  Adding crown moulding
  √ Update light fixture (done!)

  •  Adding storage solutions (Progress)
  •  Install automatic garage door opener (Progress)

  •  Patch & paint interior garage walls (white)
  •  Re-finish the concrete (paint)


  •  Landscaping the backyard (including new trees)

  •  Building a sun structure over back deck
  √ Re-finishing the back deck (power wash and re-stain) (done!)
  √ Patching part of the roof (peeling shingles) (done!)
  √ Buying/building a shed (done!)
  √ Installing a rain barrel (done!)
  √ Building a vegetable garden in the backyard (done!)