Friday, 9 September 2011

You Really Do Learn Something New Everyday...

So when I was back home visiting my parents last weekend, I decided to pop into the local restore store to see what they had for used furniture. Of course, my extreme pickiness took over and I didn't find what I set out for. I DID, however, stumble across a section of the store where they sold used paint - PAINT! Now this was complete news to me but apparently my family knew that they sold used cans of paint at the restore store. I, on the other hand, had been left in the dark!
I was so excited and searched the piles of cans for a small can of white paint {to be used when re-painting some trim on our front door!) and found pretty much a full quarter gallon can of white latex paint for only $2!! I was so pleased!
This made me think....from now on, why don't I come HERE for paint when doing a small project? You're helping your local business, saving money, and limiting the amount of paint people dispose of! Triple bonus!
So I'm going to ask two things of you the next time you do a DIY project:
1. Before you start your next project, check your local restore (or Habitat for Humanity) store and see if they have something there you can use instead of getting a new can of paint! You will save money and help the community!
2. After your project is complete and before disposing of your paint, would it be more beneficial to donate it to your local restore store for someone else to use? (like me!)
~ A penny for your thoughts ~

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