Thursday, 17 November 2011

Back Deck Reno

Well, we FINALLY got our back deck all done! It was a work in progress but it's finally done and we are so pleased with how everything turned out.

(Oh yes, please do not judge our back gardens... they are not complete and we won't be re-doing them until next spring!)

As much as we loved the peeling red stain on our wooden deck, we decided to go with a more neutral stain.

Matt worked SO hard on pressure washing the back deck and applying the new stain colour which we are in LOVE with!

We also had some peeling shingles on the small part of our roof that we had to get replaced this summer and finally got it done!

We replaced our existing small roof vents with 2 new (much larger) ones. The back of our house gets constant sun so we had to consider that into our design plan. We also changed the colour from a dark grey to a lighter grey (in hopes to not attract as many sun rays!)

My uncle, my dad and Matt did this in a matter of hours...I am SO impressed with the finished product!

It looks incredibly professional and we are so grateful for everyone who played a part in making the roof look so great!

Check out our house tour for more photos of our house!

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