Sunday, 8 April 2012

Designer piggy bank for cheap!

We are constantly finding loose change around the house - from pennies, to toonies, it's everywhere (unfortunately, more pennies than toonies!!)! We wanted one central location to throw all our change when it gets messy in our pockets (Matt is very guilty of this!) instead of finding change all over the top of the island, dining table, end tables, etc..

We had a charity yard sale last year to raise money for the Children's Heart Network and had LOTS of donations for it! This plaster piggy bank was one of the donations - so I scooped it up for one of my projects! (Yes, I made a donation to the charity for taking the piggy bank!)

I removed the laces and spray-painted it silver for a quick designer style look! I used a silver "Krylon Metallic" Silver colour spray paint and covered the entire shoe in a few coats. 


We throw our loose change in here and when it gets full, we roll it up, take it to the bank and treat ourselves to dinner (or coffee, depending on the number of pennies inside!)

Note:  We still have yet to paint the shelf and mail desk itself!

Similarly, we also keep a jar in the laundry room for the loose change we find in the washer, dryer and our clothes pockets. It works fantastic and keeps the change from scattering itself around the house!

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