Monday, 17 February 2014

House Progress Update

Alright - it has been 6 months since I have posted on here, and it's time to start explaining myself!

In the past 6 months, A LOT has happened to us!

Back in September, Matt and I were hit in a car accident the day before our first wedding anniversary. Although we were fairly sore and had bad whiplash, we were both fine. Our car was totalled and we ended up having to find a new one. *Sigh*. We loved our car.... much so, we bought the exact same one! (except 2 years newer - a 2012!)

Although the car was a write-off, we are thankful we were both fine and tried to poke fun of a bad situation.

Matt's car was broken into sometime in October after we got our new car. Shortly after, we had a water line to our fridge burst while out of town which caused a huge flood in our basement. And in December, we lost our big (and only) tree in our backyard due to a big ice storm that hit the city.

Did I mention that we had to replace our shingles in there somewhere?


In light of all these horrible string of back luck instances that keep happening to us, we continued to count our blessings.

The car accident was not our fault, so going through insurance and medical bills were easily dealt with.

The man who broke into Matt's car was caught and charged on a number of other theft related charges. Even though Matt had his car full of tools that night, the robber only stole a phone charger and a Mars bar (which Matt is still upset about!)

The water line breaking, although completely ruined the hardwood flooring we had JUST laid (that Matt worked so long on!) and damaged a lot of the basement ceiling and drywall (plus a few books), no sentimental or 'irreplaceable' memories were touched. My grandmother's 80(ish) year old trunk with all of her personal belongings, WWII love letters and photos had absolutely no water damage - even though the water got to the bottom of it. No electronics were ruined (including our computer filled with hundreds of photos). The photo albums, school notes, projects and diplomas had little or no water damage. We count ourselves very lucky and know there is an angel on our shoulder. 

We are pretty sure that we have had enough bad luck for the next 20 years, no? I hope so!

With all that said, our house is *almost* back together again! The new flooring has been put in, the basement has had a complete overhaul and we have been able to get back on our feet emotionally.

Rewind to August 2011:  When we initially moved in, we painted the house right away from the lovely green to a grey. 

Before the flood happened, we replaced the flooring on our main floor from carpet, laminate and tile to bamboo which Matt laid himself. It turned out gorgeous, he did an amazing job!

We found this cute message under the tile at the front entry when ripping the old stuff out. It seems they put the tile in only a year before we bought the house - sorry previous home owners but it just didn't work!

"Our baby was here,  June 26 2010"
Sadly, after the flood, it all had to be replaced. Below are a few photos of the renovations that have taken place since the flood! {Not posting photos of the flood because it was very depressing!}

The flooring in real life isn't as red as the photos make it seem to be.

Note:  We have only begun starting to put things back into place so it's a little unorganized. The contractors have a few more finishing touches to do before we can completely update the main floor! 

You can also check out the house tour here if you have forgotten what everything looked like before!

Updated basement photos to come soon!

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