Thursday, 16 June 2011

Our First Home

My fiance Matt and I just took a huge step in our relationship and purchased our first house together! We are thrilled - and love it to bits!

As thrilled we are about the house itself, it needs some changes. Aside from the mint green walls and hunter green countertops, the huge backyard is a blank slate waiting for us to put some love into it. We cannot wait to get started!

We don't get posession of our home until July 28th.... so until then, we will be posting smaller projects that we are going to implement in our new home!

My entire life I have always made different things out of different materials - I've always had the ability to take any object and transform it into something beautiful (and useful)! My parents would always ask "what are you making?" which I would always follow with "You'll see!" I loved keeping them guessing and constantly asking themselves "what on earth could she be making with that?!" If you're like me and LOVE do-it-yourself projects then please take a look through some of my designs!

This love for DIY projects grew when we purchased our first home. We are the kind of people that find something we love, look at the price tag and say "I can make that for 80% less!" If you're looking for inexpensive, EASY solutions for your home, please visit some of my DIY designs!

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