Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Finding Our Home

When we were looking for a home, we originally wanted it in a mature neighbourhood, an older home (40-60+ years old) with a nice backyard that didn't look onto backyard neighbours. After viewing a tonne of homes, we realized that purchasing an older home in our price range would require too much TLC - something neither of us have the time or money for. As it turns out, our perfect first home was only 13 years old, in a newer subdivision AND we still got the amazing backyard! We are still surprised we ended up loving exactly what we didn't set out for! :)

Our House Specs! 

13-year old 2-storey home located in a newer subdivision within the city
 It has......
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Finished basement
  • Open concept kitchen/living/dining
  • Central air conditioning
  • 1-car garage
  • Large backyard that backs onto green space (bonus!!)
  • And all located in a growing subdivision in the city

What We Love:
  • Large backyard backing onto green space
  • Open concept kitchen/living/dining
  • Finished basement
  • Master bedroom
  • Garden "rough-ins"
  • Large back deck
  • Walking distance to schools and shopping centres
  • The garage
  • 4-car laneway!
  • Central air
  • The fact that it has "room to grow"!

What We'd Like to Change Over Time:

Living/Dining/Kitchen/Powder room
  √ Wall colour of entire main floor (done!)
  •  Update kitchen counter tops
  •  Adding self-closing devices to kitchen cabinets
  •  Replace main floor flooring to be laminate or hardwood throughout
  •  Adding a mail station in the kitchen
  •  Update main floor powder room (to our own style!) c/w self closing devices

  •  Creating a home photography studio!
  •  Update wall colour/decor/furniture
  •  Replacing carpet
  •  Updating the bathroom with new fixtures
  •  Finish laundry room (drywall, storage, etc.)
  •  Change lighting

2nd Floor Bedrooms
  •  Painting of guest bedrooms on 2nd level

2nd Floor Bathroom
  •  Putting in longer vanity in 2nd storey bathroom
  •  Adding a 2nd sink to 2nd storey bathroom

Master Bedroom
  •  Vaulting the master bedroom ceiling

  •  Adding storage solutions
  •  Drywalling garage
  •  Re-finishing the concrete

  •  Landscaping the backyard
  •  Re-finishing the back deck (power wash and re-stain)
  •  Building a sun structure over back deck
  •  Buying/building a shed
  √ Patching part of the roof (peeling shingles) (done!)
  •  Installing a rain barrel
  •  Building a vegetable garden in the backyard

I will post photos of the house soon!!

On a side note..................T-Minus 23 days until we get our home!!

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